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1998 Graduated from the Joshibi University of art and design(awarded Excellent work prize).
2000 Received the Master Degree from Joshibi University of Art and Design.
(Solo Exhibition)
2000 Skydoor art place Aoyama, Tokyo.
2001 Toki-no-wasuremono, Tokyo . / Ban Gallery, Osaka.
2002 Tokyo Wonder Wall, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
2003 Gallery Art Point , Tokyo.
2004 Toki-no-wasuremono , Tokyo.
2005 Toki-no-wasuremono , Tokyo.
2006 Toki-no-wasuremono , Tokyo. / Atelier Suzuki,Tokyo.
2012 Yume-no-niwa Gallery , Nagano. / Atelier Suzuki,Tokyo.
2014 Un Gouter a la Campagne , Kiyosato.
2015 Yume-no-niwa Gallery , Nagano. / Gallery Ekimae-rihatsuten , Nagano.
2016 City Hall Gallery , Machida. / Un Gouter a la Campagne, Kiyosato.
(Group Exhibition and Prize)
1992 Awarded the grand prize in picture book section at “Awards for Children's literature,
themes in childhood aspirations”. by Tohoku Electric Power Co.
(“The Rabbit’s Garden” was published by Kodansha)
1999 “Showa Shell Sekiyu Contemporary Art Exhibition”(1999 and 2000),Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo.
2001 “Tokyo wonder Wall Exhibition”,Museum of contemporary art ,Tokyo (awarded a wonder wall prize).
2002 “Tokyo Wonder Site”(duo exhibition),Tokyo.
2004 “Tokyo Wonder Wall's Artists Exhibition” Museum of contemporary art ,Tokyo .
2005 “4-person exhibition” Gallery Art Point,Tokyo.
2006 “Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition Presented by Sompo Japan Fine Art Foundation”,
Sompo Japan Museum of Art. / “4-person exhibition” Gallery Art Point,Tokyo.
2008 “4-person exhibition” Toki-no-wasuremono, Tokyo . /
“3-person exhibition” Shonandai MY Gallery ,Tokyo. / "Art Singapore 2008" Shonandai MY Gallery.
2009 4-person exhibition” Toki-no-wasuremono, Tokyo . / "TCAF2009" Toki-no-wasuremono.
2010 "Art Singapore 2010" Shonandai MY Gallery ./
"Korea International Art Fair 2010". / "Daegu Art Fair 2010" Toki-no-wasuremono.
2012 "Art Nagoya2012"Toki-no-wasuremono.
2013 "4-person exhibition" Shonandai MY Gallery. / "Ito Jakuchu Inspired" Tokyo designers week.
2014 "Art Apart Fair 2014 "Shonandai MY Gallery,Singapore. / "Art Osaka" Toki-no-wasuremono.
2015 “3-person exhibition” Shonandai MY Gallery ,Tokyo.
2016 “6-person exhibition”parabolica-bis ,Tokyo./“15-person exhibition” Gallery Ark ,Yokohama.
2017 15-Print Artist exhibition”,Galerie petit bois,Osaka/“10-person exhibition” Gallery Ark ,Yokohama./
“Group exhibition with handicapped people.” Motoazabu Gallery,Tokyo.


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